The ‘Fitness Journal’ Week 1

So this week I began my journey towards sustainable health and fitness and I decided that I would begin with one week of not tracking and not worrying about what I was eating, I could eat what I wanted whenever I wanted in whatever quantity I desired. This was because after restricting what I ate for so long, it was difficult to switch immediately from drastically under eating, to eating at a set calorie level each day.

I think on the whole ‘intuitively’ eating went well for me, but I know for a fact that this week I did over eat and I also ate an excess of ‘cheat’ foods, but I wanted to curb all my cravings this week before jumping into eating somewhat ‘healthily’ for the foreseeable future. The key thing with creating a sustainable diet is balance and moderation. It’s vital to ensure you’re getting all your macros and it’s fine to have a slice of cake, or some sweets, as long as it’s in moderation. This is something I will be exercising when it comes to food in the following weeks.

In terms of exercise, this week I completed two weighted resistance workouts and did one session of HIIT alongside a 3k ish dog walk everyday. This is less than I would typically workout as I was on half term and my gym is near my college so it’s just easier to make excuses to not go. However in terms of the sessions I did do; I learnt that I won’t be doing HIIT and Resistance on the same day as it’s just too draining on me at the moment and doesn’t allow me to put all of my energy into either forms of exercise. I also decided that I would be putting leg days at the end of the week, where I can rest them over the weekend as they are ridiculously sore after lifting. I think I am going to start at doing three resistance sessions a week: one upper body, one whole body with a focus on core strength and one lower body and as I progress with my strength and get used to this new form of training I may begin isolating specific muscle groups for specific days.

I just wanted to finish this weeks post by showing you all my starting physique, so I have something to compare my progress to and also my starting weight. The last time I weighed myself before the start of this week and before deciding I wanted to change my way of eating and training I weight around 129 pounds and today after my week of ‘intuitive eating’ and my starting weight for my health journey is 133 pounds, meaning this week I gained 4 pounds, which was what I had expected to happen.


Thankyou so much to anyone who read this week update and until next time, byeeee 🙂



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